Milwaukee's Recruitment & Admissions Team


Jose torres



City Year Chicago '15

Why I Serve: I serve because it took a community of people to make me the person I am today. I want to be that community for someone else. I want someone that looks like me to never give and always do their best. 

Fun Fact: I have served with three different AmeriCorps programs. 

Advice: Do your research about the site you want to serve with. It's important to know the communities and the school districts you will be working in. Ask questions...we are here for you. 



julie schneider



City Year Milwaukee '14 & '15

Why I Serve: I serve because I believe in the positive change that can come from passionate young people believing in the potential of their students, the schools they are in and the communities that City Year reaches across the nation. City Year provided me with so many opportunities to learn, grow and have more impact than I thought was possible and I hope to introduce that experience to many young people wanting to serve.  

Fun Fact: I'm left-handed. 

Advice: I learned so much from the students that I served and they taught me more in a year about themselves, the city of Milwaukee and in turn my growth as a leader within the community. Be open to the growth and reflection throughout the service year because the knowledge will help you in more ways than one. 

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